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Adrian, Team Macmillan


We all face challenges in our lives, and the highs and lows are what make us. Actively dealing with these – sometimes stark – moments is the best way to find your purpose.


My Story


I am supporting Macmillan because of the huge amount of time and effort they gave me when I had cancer during 2017-18. I faced up-to three rounds of BEP chemo and ticked off all the side effects and they were there throughout to support me. In this period it gave me time to reflect and make sure I lived life to the fullest and also to become much healthier & fitter.


Since then and during remission I took to running and love how it continually gives back and also gives me a chance to give back to such a fabulous charity. I did the Virtual London Marathon in 2020 and am really looking forward to running through the streets of London in a few weeks, I feel so lucky. A marathon, from the training to the finish line is full of challenges, just like in life and if you face them head on, it’s incredible what you can achieve. Life has a funny way of giving back when you look forward, show compassion and resonate positivity